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Designed to Last
Build to Scale

We are modern-day craftsmen. Our work isn’t in wood or words, it’s in binary.

Uniquely Positioned

United Interactive™ is uniquely positioned with distributed teams in five countries, existing client base from three continents, and a pool of professional talent ready for your project.

Established in 2008, the company is managed from Muscat, Sultanate of Oman.

Market Thought Leader

We have a proven ability to deliver projects in time, aligning with your business goals. The online industry has no barriers for entry, so the only measure for an efficient collaboration is the track record.

Industry-Recognised Best Practices

Our teams employ best practices and standards-compliant techniques for your project, communicating with an open line to key contacts within your company.

Design & Development

Online agency focused on Arabia and North Africa. Tweets by Muscat’s finest.

United Interactive™
@UiMCTMay 25
5 Rules for choosing the right words on button labels @uxmovement #UiCo
United Interactive™
@UiMCTMay 24
6 Predictions for creatives in 2019 @99u #UiCo
United Interactive™
@UiMCTMay 18
PHP in 2019 by @brendt_gd #UiCo

Industry Research

Digital currents from Middle East, North Africa and the global online marketplace.

Ui™ Research
@UiResearchMay 20
Augmented reality brings a new dimension of engagement to the customer experience → @Shopify #UiCo
Ui™ Research
@UiResearchMay 18
Google rolls out five new features and tools to make eCommerce easier → @Adweek #UiCo
Ui™ Research
@UiResearchMay 10
Navigating a perfect storm in the Middle East’s consumer sector → @McKinsey #UiCo

Strategy & Communications

Digital transformation, online strategy for enterprise and eGovernment.

Ui™ Communications
@UiCommsApr 26
Five moves to make during a digital transformation → @McKinsey #UiCo
Ui™ Communications
@UiCommsApr 26
Now's the time to take an omnichannel approach to your branding → @AdAge #UiCo
Ui™ Communications
@UiCommsApr 19
Forbes Blockchain 50 → #UiCo

Agency Services

Benefit from experience by adding Ui Pro to your in-house team. Ask about retainer and project-based pricing models.

Design & Development

User interface design

User experience design

Website design and development

App design and development

Online marketing

Online branding

Strategy & Communications

eCommerce customer journey

eCommerce strategy

Online communication strategy

Digital transformation

Online influence and reputation