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Helsinki Day Spa

Because it’s a long way to paradise, we brought it closer to you.

First-class services to improve your well-being in one of the largest and well-known dayspas in Finland.

Information Architecture, User Interface Design

For Helsinki Day Spa, we were privileged to update the company’s online inventory, and bring in-house clarity on the multifaceted practices of modern digital marketing.

eCommerce Development

Prestigious Helsinki Day Spa turned a new leaf in the company history. During the transformation, United Interactive™ is collaborating with HDS on revised online presence and eCommerce development.

Online Customer Relationship Management

While the other building blocks of HDS online properties are managed and maintained, team identified multiple sources of cohesion in the parent company’s customer demographics.

United Interactive™ strives to develop practical solutions and continues to reveal additional value, starting from tools such as Google Data Studio and ending on a single-customer-view for the executive management.

United Interactive™ 12th Anniversary

Raise the Standard

Agency was established in 2008 to raise the Standard of Quality in the marketplace. Today, more than a decade later, we are well-prepared to deliver your online project.