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    Sothis Language Schools

    Higher Level
    of Learning

    Sothis provides high-quality Spanish lessons to visitors and residents in Tenerife and Gran Canaria, Canary Islands. Since the beginning, the school places a great emphasis on the spoken language.

    Brand Revitalisation
    & Relaunch

    For Sothis Language Schools’ silver anniversary, United Interactive™ revitalised the company brand identity and online presence.

    Content Marketing

    Culturally multilayered team from Sothis group and United Interactive™ continues to develop company’s digital marketing properties.

    Due to Canary Islands location and the subject matter, Sothis Language Schools have an extensive amount of content to be distributed on social media channels, both in audio and video. Watch this space.

    United Interactive™

    Raise the Standard

    Multi-awarded agency specialised in digital transformation, online design and communications. With services offered in four languages, we are ready for your next project.